Commute, the 3 Best Ways to Improve it! Stop Wasting Time.

The 2019-2020 surveys, did show a dramatic increase of 9.8% in the average One-Way Commute to work, in the US. That\’s 27.6 minutes to work, every day. Compared to the 26.6 minutes, (averaged from 2014 to 2018) it shows that more and more precious time is being wasted every year on the road…

Let\’s do some quick math, 

27.6 + 27.6 = 55.2 Minutes to Work and back/ Day

55.2 * 5 = 276 Minutes/ Week

Long story short: more than 200 hours are being wasted every year.

So here are 3 ways to help you, at least make the best out of your commute. Assuming that you can\’t reduce that time or even better work from home, but that\’s a whole other Blog!!!

Listen to Audiobooks while driving or commuting.

Nowadays there\’s no excuse for not having a bunch of Self Help, Business Books, or any kind you fancy. With sites like, you have at your disposal a huge collection of books to hear at any time. Thus Investing, the other way wasted commute, in You!

There are very few things more important than Time and Choices in our lives. It\’s how we choose to invest our time that defines and makes up our life!

So, no matter where You start. Just start now, pick any book that sounds interesting and make the best of your time!

Some will argue that, while driving, you can\’t be focused enough to absorb all the information from a book.

But I\’d rather say, taking in even as low as 50%, is time better invested than wasted!


Being really busy or running around yourself doing nothing, is pretty common these days. With that excuse in our brains, we tend to forget colleagues, friends, and family.

But we also forget that our social life is one of the most important aspects of our well-being! Showing up for a good colleague, calling a good ol\’ friend or family member, just asking how it\’s going. Can keep or create, a healthy relationship with people that you care about or play a role in your life.

  • Go ahead! Make a list of folks, you haven\’t talked to for a while. Not in your head, write it down, or else it will be lost as unimportant in your brain.
  • A 20-minute phone call, three to four times per week. It\’s another good time investment, that you won\’t regret. Promise!

Skill Up!!!

  • Podcasts and audio courses on every possible subject – skill are becoming more and more every day. Seek a skill that would be relevant to you and that could help you evolve! Even if you have to pay for some of them remember, investing in yourself has Always the best dividends!
  • Learn a Language! Yes, you can A LOT, just by hearing and repeating. There are many good programs out there. I\’ve tried and liked both: Michel Thomas and Pimsleur.

There are 2 more ways but only for those who don\’t have to drive during commuting. 

  • Meditate! You can take your time into relaxing. Practicing breathing techniques and clearing your inner fog. You can even meditate with your eyes open, not worrying about falling asleep. ;-P
  • Plan ahead! Write down a Plan for the next Day or Week. Planning your days is a great productivity tool and if you are not using it, you\’re losing…

Well, that was it, hope you found the article helpful. If so then do share it, so that others can be helped too!

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