Work Online and Online Business, What\’s the Difference

I know most people, even today, think that Online Business is the same thing as Working Online or from Home.
But the difference couldn\’t be more vast.
You see, I could have chosen the Work Online way and with hard work. I would have been able to double my income. 
Which isn\’t much money for a nurse in Europe anyway 😛

But, working Online still means selling your time for money. That would then take up ALL of my free time and, I would live just to work.
That\’s not the way Life should be. We should be able to, earn enough and have a lot of free time, travel, enjoy our relationships and, so much more.
We, humans, are the only animal that has to work so much to be able live. Although, we are the most intelligent.

What about Online Business then?

So, instead of trading time for money. You invest your time and money in assets that will, in turn, give back the initial investment indefinite times, passively.
I know it may sound a bit vague, so let me give you two pretty simple examples.

  1. Invest time to search for a good bargain house. Invest money to buy it. Then let it pay itself off and provide you with a small monthly income.
  2. Invest some time and no money to create an Online Course. Then upload it, let people learn what you know, and pay you for it.

These are only two of the hundreds of ideas out there. It\’s a one-time investment that can pay you for years to come. That\’s the only legit way to earn more money, more free time and location independence.

But let us focus just on the work side of it and leave investment for a later post.
There are three main routes in the Online Business world. You can choose any of them or even many at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing

That\’s where the majority starts and stays. It\’s the most care-free route, as you don\’t have to create any product. You don\’t have to ship, fulfill, or any of the hurdles in the other options.
You just have to learn Marketing to promote other people\’s products that you, of course, like yourself. If you want to be ethical and last in this Business.


This is where you have a passion or a niche and you want to sell physical products. It may sound intimidating but nowadays you can do everything from your laptop. Source products, store them and sell them remotely. Services like Amazon FBA have made e-commerce much easier and approachable to anyone.

Online Education

In this route, you can choose something you\’ve learned (e.g. life lesson, skill, ability), make it into an e-course, and sell it. Here you have to put in the work to create the course and then just let others learn from you.

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